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Stock photo. Orientation will begin Dec. 9.  Students in sixth through ninth grades will explore classic mystery stories through the lens of radio theater in Mystery Radio Theatre. WCT will partner with Somerville’s Post-Meridian Radio Players to bring classic mysteries to life with actors this winter. Students will perform “The Speckled Band” and “The Frewin Miniatures,” both adapted for radio theatre by Jeremy Holstein of PMRP. Orientation begins Dec. 1 and this program will include a special opportunity for a workshop in Foley sound effects with the PMRP team.  Students in ninth through 12th grades will perform “King Lear.” Performers will explore the ways in which this timeless classic is as relevant now as when it was written. This is an audition-based program and auditions can be scheduled by emailing production.wct@mosesianarts.org. Auditions will be held Dec. 1.  Registration is open now at http://mosesianarts.org for all winter productions, which begin in early December.


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